Lymington Idiomas is a family owned company with permanent base in the south of England and Spain.

Our objective is to provide both, Spanish and English children, with an unforgettable experience. We provide a quality and personalized service to facilitate Spanish children the improvement of their English through a stable, welcoming family environment in the UK.

We care very much about our students and want them to feel safe, comfortable and happy at all times while studying far away from their homes. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we trust that you will find our services to your satisfaction.

We differ from large companies because we do not delegate our duties, but we ourselves select and monitor all students and families, so we can give a maximum guarantee of quality and safety. Every year we bring a small number of students so we can keep in permanent contact with them, their parents and host families.

  • Clara Fernández del Pino
    Clara Fernández del Pino Cofounder

    I run Lymington Idiomas from Spain.  I studied tourism in Madrid and started my career as a travel agent.  Travelling to learn English when I was young helped me to understand the necessities that the students and their families may have.

    I personally interview the Spanish students to make sure they are mature enough for the experience and understand their responsibilities.  During the interview I like to know about the child’s personality, interest and family environment, all this information helps to find the family that best matches that child.  I also travel with the group from Spain to England and stay with them during the whole trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Diana Fernández del Pino
    Diana Fernández del Pino Cofounder

     I run Lymington Idiomas from England.  I studied international economics in Boston and I have been working in the private and public sector in US, Spain, Turkey and UK.  While living abroad I experienced the amazing differences as well as similarities in people from around the world and I wanted to find a way to give this opportunity to other students.  I could not imagine my life now without international friends, students, travel, languages and cultural awareness, they are the best means to learn and explore!

    I carefully select families visiting them in their home environment to get the best match for both the children and the host family.  I am the guardian of the students while they are in England, supervise every aspect of the trip to make sure that everything is ready for the arrival and deal with any concerns or queries the families may have before and during the placement.

The services we offer:

  • Personal approach to introductions –Matching host families and students with high level of detail to ensure prosperity and beneficial outcome for all parties
  • Student Guardianship – 24 hour support and assistance for students studying in England whose parents live abroad. Whilst also providing peace of mind for host, UK based families.
  • Homestay Arrangements – A wide choice of carefully selected families
  • School Placements – Advice to choose the right boarding school in the UK
  • Summer Schools – Residential accommodation or full British family immersion
  • Study in Spanish  – Linguistic, cultural stays and exchange programmes in Spain


Interested in becoming a host family or want to find out more?

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