Below you can read some of the testimonials that our families have sent to us.


  • “My family and I loved the experience we were given by Diana, Carmen was our Spanish student and she lived with us for a month, she was a pleasure to have living in our house and an inspiration to us all, full of energy and always happy to join in with anything, days out and walks etc, talking to her about the differences between each country was a real eye opener and I would recommend this experience to anyone, it is great fun”

    Mrs Abbott, Chichester
  • ” We loved having Mario to stay with us. Our son had a new best friend for the month and my daughter thought he was very kind.  Mario was polite & helpful, enthusiastic and fun & was an excellent addition to our family. From day one he threw himself into every activity and every member of our family from our 7 year old right through to our 75 year old grandpa really enjoyed his company. We all missed him after he returned home and our son has kept in contact with him & we would to love to see Mario again. Diana organised everything smoothly and easily & there were no problems. We thoroughly recommend the experience.”

    Mrs Penn, Isle of Wight
  • “Ivan was the first Spanish student we have ever had stay with us. We were very apprehensive at first, though Diana was so warm, kind and caring all our worries soon diminished. Diana met with all the family listening to our hobbies and family life. Ivan was so well matched to us and our son Luke has made a new friend for life. Ivan and Luke spent all their time together in and out of school and so much laughter was heard in the house. We were so pleased we had the opportunity to host Ivan in our family, as we learned, as much from him as we hope he did from us. We hope to welcome Ivan back in the very near future.”

    Mrs Scanlon, Isle of Wight
  • “It’s been a wonderful experience for all the family having Celia stay with us.  Thanks!”

    Mrs Searley, Isle of Wight
  • “This summer of 2015 my children could not stop talking about students that were joining there school from other country’s, my youngest said he would like to experience this so we looked into it… From the  onset of the application everything was brilliantly coordinated , Diana visited me in my home and met the whole family, we then had frequent emails informing us of what would be happening next. We received a letter from our new family a couple of weeks previously which was great as we could also send him intros to us. Nacho joined us for just over a month, from the moment he was personally brought to us it felt like we had known him for ages and he slotted right in with our every day lives. Nacho went to school with my children and when the school broke up he attended a local tennis club, (this was organised by the company).  I know he learnt from us and we learnt things from him, culture change is a amazing thing and hearing about the differences in his school and personnel life was just as intriguing as ours were to him. We told him if he does it again and he would like to come back, we would love to see him again.”s.

    Mrs Belcher, Isle of Wight
  • “We really enjoyed having Oscar to stay with us and as a family we learnt much from his stay. Our son felt like he had a brother and a best friend for 3 weeks. Oscar was so polite, helpful and easy going, that he was an excellent addition to our family. We all missed him after he returned home and our son has kept in contact with him. Oscar’s family have invited Finbar over to stay and he would to see Oscar again. The organisation of having Oscar to stay went smoothly and was easy and you were very helpful whenever we needed any information.
    Thank you for the opportunity you gave us.”
    Mrs Smith, Isle of Wight
  • “We really enjoyed having our student, it was the first time for us but we would definitely do it again.”

    Mrs Heather, Isle of Wight
  • “Thank you very much for making this possible, it has been a great experience for my daughter.  My son would love to have a student next summer.  Organization was brilliant!”

    Mrs Alton, Bournemouth

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