Thank you for your interest in hosting for Lymington Idiomas.

Our objective is to provide both, Spanish and English children, with an unforgettable experience.

Summer 2024 – We are looking for open and caring families with children between the ages 11 and 16, anywhere in the south of England, who would like to host a Spanish child from the end of July.  An excellent hospitality allowance will be paid.

Having a student as part of your family is a fantastic opportunity both for your family and for the student. For your children it is a chance to meet another culture and to practice important values like generosity, patience, care, sharing, communication skills, being an example for others and learn new things.  For the Spanish student it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live as a member of your family while gaining insight into a different culture, and being immerse in the language.

Our students come mainly to improve their English but also to learn about the British culture and its history.  We are convinced that there is no better way to learn a language than being immerse in the culture of the country.  In our experience, our students benefit more by living with a local family and attending a local school with local students and not just staying somewhere like a bed and breakfast or in a camp with other Spanish speaking children.

It’s rewarding, fulfilling and you’ll earn through it too!

One student per family. We only place one student per family and, because the children come to learn English, they will expect to be in a family whose first language is English.  For the same reason, we request no other guest in the house speaks Spanish.

Matching personalities. When matching students and families we consider all interests, culture, backgrounds, interests and personalities to select the right student for you. We try to do our best and it is very rewarding to witness, every year, life lasting friendships!

Carefully selected. Students who participate in our programme have been carefully interviewed before their acceptance. We make sure they are mature enough and understand their responsibilities.   Accepted students have positive attitudes, are curious, outgoing and possess an adaptable nature; they have a real desire to learn English.

Living arrangements. Having a spare room for the student is not an essential request, students may share room with the child of the family, if they are the same age and gender.

On hand support. During the students stay in England we offer continuous local support to the students and to the families (24/7). All our students are fully covered by an insurance policy, details of which can be sent on request.

Schooling. We will arrange for our Spanish student to attend the same school as his “host brother or sister” or another local school if that is not a possibility.

Next steps – If you would like to start an exciting cultural adventure and become a host family, please get in touch to us and we will arrange a visit to meet you.  You can be assured that we shall only offer you someone who we know will fit easily with your family and way of life.

Please contact us by email at or call us on 07521956882


We are not online at the moment but you can contact us filling this form. We will reply to you asap. Thank you.